CilkDaily Radiance Marine Collagen 180g

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Marine collagen powder sourced exclusively from certified-sustainable, wild-caught deep sea cod fish from arctic and north atlantic waters. Enhanced with food grade enzymes to create short chain peptides, enabling 1.5 times more absorption by the body. Daily Radiance Collagen Powder has been clinically proven to improve skin moisture, reduce the appearance of fine lines, firm and plump skin and improve skin elasticity.

Simply add 10 grams (approx. 2-4 teaspoons) into liquid and stir. Fully dissolvable and flavorless, this collagen can be added to hot or cold food or beverages. Add to your drink of choice - mix into water, coffee, tea, smoothies, or even soups and sauces.
For best results, ingest 10 grams daily (containing the recommended 10,000 mg dose of hydrolyzed collagen to obtain maximum benefits).

100% Pure Marine Collagen

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